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What is World-Eats?

From food policy and advocacy, to food art, to living la vida loca, World-Eats seeks out the best intel and we share it with you. We're your food and drink hub. It's about connecting and communicating. And maybe about world peace. Or world peach, but only if it's in season.

Where is World-Eats?

Everywhere that people eat and drink because we are all eating from Mother Earth. And if you don't take care of your mother.....she gets mean.


It's simple. People are doing amazing things all over the world. Why not tell everyone about it. Done!

  • W-E Digest Coming June 2015
    Swimming with the Fishes
    How much do we love fish?
    Enough to take care of them?

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  • W-E Ambassador Warning

    Connecting with a Local May Lead to a Need to Travel

  • W-E Digest: Swimming with the Fishes Can oysters save our shorelines?
    Why preserving oysters beds is more than a tasty idea.
    Coming June 2015

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W-E Digest

In depth look at what is going on in the food world. Quarterly issues focused on a specific theme. Coming June 2015.

Conversations Blog

People who are doing things that matter in interesting places. W-E are the storytellers. Who cares about ordinary?


Events calendar for all types of food-drink events in the world.

La Vida Loca

Meet Our Ambassadors Who are Living & Sharing La Vida Loca. Explore new ways to connect with other food lovers.

W-E Focus

Food art celebrated in photos, fine art, video and anything else we can think of.

Food Arts Lab

Seminars, Workshops, Classes, ThinkTank. A creative lab in Italy for all things culinary. In Development for 2015.